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The Libra Gambit: On Hiatus

Okay, so when I said we would fight through to the finish, I meant it, but… we need to retrench and recover in order to get there.

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What Now?

First, the good news: This book is three to five chapters from being completely finished. Yay!

Now the bad news: I am teetering on the edge of a full burnout, and LG's not far behind.

For those who like a good visual, take a look at this post-ice storm shrub:

Hiatus Post
My brain after a year of lockdown.

This shrub is is my brain, right now.  Mostly dead, but with a determined few branches holding on.

If I want the green bits to  keep growing, and reclaim the dead brown bits, I have to accept that it's time to step back from the work until the green living part is bigger than the dead brown part.

It's lowering to admit, since the entire point of posting Libra Gambit was to provide a respite for the readers in the midst of all the suckage.

But the hard truth is, for the past few months, continuing to write has been a dance of diminishing returns. The words take greater effort to drag out, and once they're on the page, they're not right, or true, or anything I would want to put in front of a reader.

Not pretending this is high art, mind, but the story, characters, and audience deserve better than what's happening right now. Plus, if I keep pushing, not only will you have an unsatisfying finale to read, I'll end up in full-blown burnout (dead shrub), with no idea how long it'll take to recover.

Better to take the break, now, than find myself in the pit, later. (BTW, anyone curious about the precarious state of burnout, or the impact of 2020 on creatives, I heartily recommend Dear Writer, Are You in BURN OUT? and Dear Writer, It's Still 2020 by Becca Syme.)

Until then (and I hope "then" isn't too far down the road), I'll keep in touch, posting casting choices, recipes, reading recommendations. Nothing too taxing, but stuff I hope readers will enjoy.

On that note, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy readers will want to check out author Meghan Ciana Doidge's website . Meghan has posted some free reads and she's posting giveaway codes to several of her audio books. I've started her Dowser series, which is delightful, though I do end up craving cupcakes in the worst way, while reading.

Let me add a sincere thank you to everyone for taking time to read up to this point, and please accept my apologies. I can only hope you'll still be here when the healing's done and team Gypsy Moth rally for the final battle.

Lastly, if you have any questions, wish to share something other readers might enjoy, or just want to reach out because it's been a  long, dark, trying time and need to just say hi, I have enabled the comments, so feel free to shout out from wherever you are.



PS - For your viewing pleasure, here is my latest Flamingo-scape/homage. Can you guess the artistic inspiration?


brain break post


6 thoughts on “The Libra Gambit: On Hiatus”

  1. Please come back from being half-a-bush – Dickens has already done the unfinished book thing 🙂 . I have been enjoying the weekly posts and was concerned that the hiatus meant a life-changing event was happening to you. Easy for me to say but nature recovers, it just needs time and a little TLC.
    Take time, enjoy the spring (at least spring’s happening in the UK – I hope it’s not been-and-gone in Texas) after all, things can’t be too bad with flamingos.

    1. So good to hear from you! I hope your spring is being pleasant. As you noted, Texas made a jump to summer last week, then popped back to spring-like yesterday. It’s a bouncy climate, but with the help of said flamingos (a neighbor wins the week by naming them American Flamingothic), we’re getting in some gardening time. Great meditative time, which is also good for recovery. As is the pile of books I’ve got to read, tea at the ready. Woohoo!

    1. Joh, so pleased you’re liking! Yes, if you scroll down to the bottom of this comment page, you’ll find a “Notify me of new posts” box. Click that and you’ll receive notice of updates. Now, I’m pretty sure this will include any updates, so when I post casting ideas or other behind the scenes bits or other stories, you’ll be pinged about those as well. But with only a few more chapters to go, your email won’t be overburdened.

      Looking forward to giving you the finale!

  2. I haven’t finished reading this as of my writing to you..but I do hope you make a comeback and finish the story. Real life gets to us in many shape, ways and forms these days. I have enjoyed the story thus far and hope to see an ending (fingers crossed)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Elaine, and I promise, the story will be completed! It’s still percolating while I weed the xeriscape, and declutter the house, and get all our vaccines sorted, and binge read/watch a LOT of spec fiction (while also trying to deal with two college age offspring making higher education choices and the terrors therein-ack).

      Stay well and LG and I will be back anon!

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