Fortune’s Fool

Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool GQ2

"Excellent steampunk, and far more than steampunk."
Author Jenny Schwartz

In the distant future, on the planet Fortune, tech is low and times are hard… especially for those living in Nike's slums.

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Gideon Quinn has barely set up shop as Nike's—and Fortune's—only private facilitator when an idealistic young medic reports several patients have gone missing.

Gideon takes the case, and soon finds himself tangled in a cruel enterprise fueled by greed and vengeance that targets the most vulnerable of Nike's population. And the investigation only grows more complex when a woman from Gideon's past appears at his door with a missing person of her own.

Now Gideon is faced with a bitter question: To save the people no one else cares about, will he be able to bring home a man he'd as soon see vanished from the face of Fortune?

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