The Fortune Chronicles

"I'm completely enamored with Quinn and his merry collection of misfits--"

Amazon Review Soldier of Fortune

"Fun mix of space opera and hard boiled detective…"
Amazon Review-The Gemini Hustle

"Spell binding, fast and beautiful character portrayals…"

Amazon Review Outrageous Fortune

"Fortune's Fool" by Kathleen McClure is fantastic. 

Jenny Schwartz- Author of the Interstellar Sheriff Series

"Wonderful, binge-worthy, witty, amusing, entertaining, clever, obviously well written... the list of adjectives could go on and on…" 

Goodreads Review Soldier of Fortune

"A mix of of Call of Duty, Oliver Twist, and Jackie Chan!"

Amazon Review Soldier of Fortune

"I couldn't put the story down."
Amazon Review - The Gemini Hustle

"This book was incredible. Imagine Star Wars, Wild, Wild West and Leverage all mixed up and you get Gemini Hustle."
Goodreads Review The Gemini Hustle

Gideon Quinn Adventures

Errant Flight

Tales of Fortune