Casting a Novel: Fortune’s Freya Ohmdahl

From Stolichnaya, With Love

It’s possible that when the Ohmdahl triplets made their first, rambunctious appearance in Soldier of Fortune, I was thinking of casting this actress. For sure, whenever I’m writing them now, this is who comes to mind. I mean, you need a six foot plus ass-kicker with a heart (and hair) of gold, this is the woman you call.

casting Freya Ohmdahl
Did someone say ‘job’?

For those uninitiated, Freya is the lone female Ohmdahl triplet. When all three siblings are together, which is most of the time, they are a force of nature—neither good nor bad, but

subject to the whims of fate (or whomever offers them a job).

And who could fill the role better than Gwendoline Christie, AKA Brienne of Tarth, AKA Captain Phasma, AKA Freya Ohmdahl, 1/3 of the Ohmdahl triplets, Stolichnayan by birth, infantry veteran and someone you really want on your side in any dispute.

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