#NaNoWrimo 11/15/2016: Halfway Point (AKA, living on ice cream and despair)

While it’s still true I’m not a full NaNoWrimo participant—prepping one book for launch, revising another and reformatting Soldier of Fortune’s print edition are also happening—I do have a book in progress (see the graph on the main NaNo page and laugh).

For those of you who are deep in the NaNo Word-Count trenches, remember, you have sixteen days (including today) in which to be mighty, and here are a few writing survival tips, just in case you need a little encouragement (or a reminder, because when we get deep in the weeds its hard to remember all the strategies).

  • An old favorite is up early and put in ten minutes at the keyboard with your coffee (or without, but me, I need the coffee), while your brain is still in that non-judgmental dream state.
  • Likewise, a series of two-minute sprints through the work day can yield amazing results, both  in the number of words you put down, but also in keeping your subconscious engaged in your story.
  • Hide in your car with a laptop. I started doing this last year (not for NaNo, just because I needed the privacy)  and found myself parked with a lot of other folk in the B&N and/or Target lots, all sitting in our cars, being productive in our various ways. This lasted until the first 85º days, when it became too hot to do so.
  • Write moments.
  • Feed your brain. Read favorite authors, watch a few minutes of inspiring telly, sing ‘My Shot’ all the way through. Watch these guys dance:

You’re welcome. 

  • Rest your brain. Meditate. Stare at the lawn. Count your breaths and pet the cat/dog/chinchilla.
  • Trust your subconscious, and when you can’t trust your subconscious, write gleeful crap. Chew scenery, go mwahaha mad.
  • Most of all, have fun.

I genuinely hope this helps in some small way.

Now I’ve got to get back to putting in a few words on Fortune’s Fool and Gemini Hustle, and formatting Outrageous Fortune so it can make its release date on 11/30. And while yes, that is the last day of NaNoWriMo, I didn’t actually plan it that way. It’s just how the timing worked with getting the copy edits back and knowing there was a whole holiday week that would muck up the pre-launch workflow.

Until the 30th, stay strong, have fun, and above all, don’t be afraid to misbehave.

We heard there was a book needing some Big Damn Heroes?

I’ll see you on the other side.


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