Geography of Fortune: Branding a Planet

Here be Branding

From the top of any book in The Fortune Chronicles, it (hopefully) becomes clear that a lot of the place names are familiar. This is because it amused me no end to have the colonists using the leftover bits of Earth to name their cities, streets, colonies, oceans, mountain ranges and states.

Some of these monikers relate to the technology and resources used to engineer Fortune to branding a planetGoldilocks standards, while some are related to the flotsam and jetsam that accompanied the original colonists from their home world.

Below are a few of the more commonly mentioned locales on Fortune, and their sources from Earth. Be sure to check back frequently for updates. There are a lot.


  • Morton Barrens – Maximum Security Prison and labor camp
  • Nasa – Uninhabited territory in the equatorial regions
  • Nike – Capitol city of Avon, one of the United Colonies
  • Avon – One of the United Colonies, also a river
  • Midas – One of the Coal Fart (sorry) Coalition States
  • Amazons – A mountain range
  • Ducati – A city in Midas, one of the Coalition States
  • Allianz – One of the United Colonies, south of the Amazons
  • Fuji – One of the United Colonies, on the Northwest coast
  • Oracle – Ocean west of the United Colonies coast