The Skies

 The Skies of Fortune

Fortune is a planet in the Tyche-Nemesis system. It’s a binary system, with the two suns being named for the Greek goddesses of Fortune/Luck and Fate/Retribution (to give its due in the

translation). There was a little astronomical research involved on my part, leading to theories of Tyche as a hidden planet in our solar system–a gas giant lurking in the Oort cloud–and Nemesis (in mythology the vengeful sister of Tyche), as a second, also hidden, red or brown dwarf. has articles on Tyche, disproving the existence of either sister in our neighborhood, which was all I needed to give them their own system, far, far away (but still in the Milky Way galaxy).

the skies of fortune
Oort Cloud.

Fortune also has three moons, all named for mythical deities. This is a departure from the planetary naming practices, as are the suns, all of which were named long before the colonists first arrived on planet, and therefore held a bit more of the romanticism of the Earth-born explorers and engineers.

They are named as follows:

Anansi: Trickster god of West African mythology
Ma’at: Egyptian goddess of justice, morality and balance
Kuan Yin: Shortened name of Kuan Shih Yin, and Chinese form of the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, Buddhist lord of compassion (thus representing both genders in one moon)

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