Casting a Novel: Fortune’s Tariq Al Karim

Smooth Criminal

Casting shadow trader Tariq Al Karim was one of those rare cases where the actor informed the character. I mean, I knew I was writing someone with intelligence, charm and a hefty dose of menace, and who I could believe was in charge of a crew of shadow traders (those who live outside the civil laws of Fortune).

I wanted all that, but I didn’t actually get very far into writing Tariq until after I was reminded of Alexander Siddig (or Siddig Al Fadil). Once I had the actor in my head, I could really push forward with the writing, and in fact I dropped back and redrafted his opening scene to better fit the fully fleshed image.

Charm? Check.
Intelligence? Check.
Menace? Check.
And if you don’t believe me, take a look, here:

casting shadow trader tariq al karim
“…his eyes, a compelling shade of amber, glittered with intelligence and his bearing was pure risto. “

Kind’a makes the shadow trade look good.

Just saying.

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