The Zodiac Files

"I couldn't put the story down."
Amazon Review - The Gemini Hustle

"Fun mix of space opera and hard boiled detective…"
Amazon Review-The Gemini Hustle

"This book was incredible. Imagine Star Wars, Wild, Wild West and Leverage all mixed up and you get Gemini Hustle."
Goodreads Review

The Gemini Hustle

Ray Slater is ready to exit the hitman game. Afraid he’s become more weapon than man, he’s itching to escape the deadly life that’s caging him. But he never expected his survival would depend on an interplanetary lawman…

Harry Finn can’t close his last case without the assassin’s help. But when the dishonored ConFed Marshal burns his cover along with an Ocala watering hole, their uneasy partnership is the only thing that keeps him alive. 

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