The Fortune Chronicles

Pern meets Discworld on the planet Fortune, where the tech is low, tensions high, and adventure waits around every corner.


Book 3 of The Fortune Chronicles
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Gideon Quinn is just getting used to being Nike's first and only private facilitator when he's thrust into a missing person's case that comes with more than a few ghosts.

Will Gideon be able to find Nike's lost souls without losing his own?

Soldier of Fortune



A vengeful soldier, a spunky dodger and a draco with attitude hit the streets of Nike in an epic mashup of steampunk, fantasy, and noire.

Outrageous Fortune

An airship captain seeking redemption…
A daredevil who will risk everything but her heart…
A mechanic trying to keep an impossible promise…
A warrior shadowed by the sins of his past…


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