Mission Statement

It is the goal of the author to provide out-of-this world stories featuring diverse, fully realized characters that will entertain, enliven, and leave readers empowered by the experience.


Who I Am & What I Write

Hello! This is Kathy (Yes, it's Kathleen on the books, but in real life, friends and family call me Kathy).*

I'm busting the fourth wall and that whole, "bio in the third person" deal so you have a chance to really get to know About the Author…something that goes beyond the titles of the books and where I live (Austin, Texas, BTW, though I dream of a place with more than one-and-a-half seasons).

So, what is there to know besides the fact I have a mutable first name, was once a an actor and fight choreographer, and really miss autumn?

To start, I love to read and always have. Fact is, books were my best friends growing up (we moved a lot, I was a funny-looking kid, and books don't judge).

In addition, I love rich, troubled, funny, engaging characters who change through story (and, hopefully, engage in a bit of swordplay or fisticuffs on the way).

I love books that I can go back to again and again over the years, and love even more as I re-read them, but I also love discovering new books, worlds and characters, and hope every new book will become part of my permanent library-slash circle of friends.

And because I love all that, that's what I try to write. It's even part of my mission statement (I know! I actually have a mission statement, it's there, on the left!)

In addition to the writing, I'm the mother-unit of a standard nuclear family that some might call quirky and I call mine. If you were to compare my little tribe with the Leverage team, I'd be the Sophie. I want to be the Eliot, (so much do I want to be the Eliot), but my skill set is totally Sophie (that's totes Sophie, for you children of the 21st century).

Beyond all that, I suppose it's only fair to warn you all that I'm the indie writer who Does Everything Wrong as an indie writer, so I will not be releasing a book a month (but I am aiming for four books a year), or sticking to a hyper-specific genre, or cultivating readers in said hyper-specific genres (thus ruining myself forever in the eyes of the Amazon Algorithms).

Further, I not only don't engage in regular social media forays (highly recommended for indies), I've deleted my Twitter account and am this close to cutting the Facebook cord.

And those are just a few of the standard practices I've pretty much turned away from.

I hope I can keep turning from them, because as the logo says, I write "from out of the box," which is where I am most "me," and therefore most productive.

And that, dear readers, is Kathleen McClure-author, in a nutshell. Nut included.

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* They also call me Kate, Kat, Wanda the Witch (long story) and Mom.

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